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Fathers and Sons Together (a.k.a. FAST) is a nonprofit Christian corporation that establishes intergenerational fellowship groups for men, providing an opportunity for dads to nurture and guide the spiritual growth of their so ns as well as other young men. 


The core concept of FAST is straightforward:  fathers gathering bi-weekly or monthly with their sons to discuss the most important things in life.  When fathers and sons gather together to talk about spiritual things and have fun as well, the outcome is growth.  Young men become godly men, and families and churches are strengthened in the process.


Fathers, family ministry leaders, pastors and parachurch organizations are the primary audiences for our organization, but all men and women who are interested in spiritual growth may respond to the mission of FAST. 


Any dad — knowledgeable of the Christian faith or otherwise — will benefit from this organization’s encouragement to raise one’s son with purpose and intentionality.


We provide group start-up guides, lesson plans, and direct assistance to fathers who band together to be close to their sons and share something of true significance with them.


Ministry leaders are a significant part of our network.  Pastors in several churches have already successfully established FAST groups, thereby offering a fresh perspective on how the church can be a place where each generation is truly connected to the next.


We set the bar for spiritual growth by focusing on five principles which are described in the book “Fathers and Sons Together – Exploring Life’s Most Important Relationships” by John Kain.  The FAST lessons (which can be downloaded from this web site) expand upon the application of those principles to everyday life.





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